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Illinois River float trips

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Illinois River Rafting Prices

We have several different options available to make sure your group enjoys their float trip. You can float the Illinois River in a 4-man or 6-man. Most floaters prefer the Trip A but for those who want to make sure they are out all day you can tackle Trip B. Please call for cut off times.
Trip A = $33 per person

This trip is the most popular amongst all floaters. It will usually take 2-3 hours to complete but you can make it last longer by pulling over and hanging out on the banks. Kids 10 and under are $10 each.

Trip B = $37 per person

This trip will usually take 3-5 hours so plan on making a day out of your float trip. Kids 10 and under are $10 each.

NO children under the age of 2 are allowed to float
Prices include all taxes and user fees
Prices are subject to change without notice
($206 fine enforced by OK State Rangers)
Please call for cut off times

4-man2 person minimum
6-man4 person minimum

Illinois River Float Trip Safety

The Oklahoma Scenic River Commission recommends the following actions when water levels are above normal.

5 feet 6 inches - children 10 and under not go in canoes and switch to rafts.

6 feet - all switch to rafts.

7 feet - children 10 and under not go in rafts.

9 feet 6 inches - all floating must cease.

You can check the current water conditions here Illinois River water levels.